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how to keep healthy at home with these dvds

Exercise at home DVDs you can buy on this website
Something you can use any time.

Set of three dvds.

  1. back  pain and muscle massage.
  2. stretch for relief pain.
  3. Pilates for back pain.

try them and if you don’t like them you can send them back within 16 days,

only you will have to pay your own PP to send them back.



Get reilf from ache and pain

Ever wanted to just do some exercise but don’t really want to go to the gym, well with these dvds you can.All you have to do is watch the dvds and follow along, You can pause the dvd at any time, replay, stop, when you want and of course exercise when you want at your leisure. You will also need a  matt some small weight or you could use two one and a half or one litre bottle of water in each hand a ball, and a exercise mat. So buy some today and get massaging. AT £17.00 what could possible go wrong.

so drop me an email at

or buy on this site.